Social media – big is not always best

The common thinking is that is you promote a website/blog at a massive scale through the full panoply of social media channels (facebook, twitter, mailing lists and the like), traffic will flock in droves to your content. That may happen–but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be converting these individuals into customers or donors.

We recently helped a client promote a photo expedition blog, a marvelous diary of a photographer team as they photo their way across the Coral Triangle in the Asia Pacific region. From turtles to damselfish, the blog is a delight of colours and sheer natural diversity. And yet, few visitors were sticking on the site. So instead of a scattershot promotional drive, we focused on a much more narrower audience — divers and marine conservation lovers in the Coral Triangle itself.

Through a single announcement via Facebook, we brought in a slight increase in visitors from Indonesia who:

  • stayed much longer overall on the site
  • visited more pages/blog entries than previously.

The challenge now is to find ways to keep them coming back for more as the blog is continually updated with new photos…


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