Game changing: Wal-Mart Promotes Eco-friendly Lifestyle In China

Consider the size of Wal-Mart – largest single retailer in the world. Now consider their global drive towards sustainability and their deepening engagement in China. With their new initiative, here is one actor that has a chance to make a serious dent into consumer lifestyles in the country — let’s hope they do this well and in a sustained way.

Wal-Mart Promotes Eco-friendly Lifestyle In China

Wal-Mart China has launched a nationwide community education initiative focusing on encouraging a low-carbon lifestyle to mitigate global warming. Wal-Mart announced that it will conduct a series of activities in the communities that are served by its 175 stores in 90 Chinese cities to promote a low-carbon lifestyle and to make people be aware of the impact global warming has brought to everyone’s daily life. This nationwide initiative will last for two months, covering four major subjects: a picture show about climate change concerning global warming, a collection of environmental ideas, the Green Dream Award featuring “my green wish”, and a children’s environmental drawing competition featuring “I love Earth”. Wal-Mart’s sustainable development action started several years ago in China, an includes a supplier ethical standards program, a forest environmental protection program, and other environmental programs concerning the products it sells.

source:  ChinaCSR, 19 January 2010


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